I have delivered photography and short films for many organisations in the not-for-profit sector.  Including for Australian Red Cross, Melbourne Genomics, Oxfam, Good Shepard, Baptcare and Bush Heritage Australia.  I have a wealth of project knowledge in terms of delivering powerful and emotive films that communicate the benefits of supporting these organisations.

Diagnosis Day

For Melbourne Genomics I produced a seven-episode series following people with rare genetic conditions, as they search for answers, options and community.

“I worked with Rodney to create Diagnosis Day, a mini-series following Victorians with rare genetic conditions. Rodney’s great at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, finding excellent options for b-roll footage, and crafting spectacular visual stories. He sets up and shoots with minimal fuss, yet always delivers the highest quality video and stills. He’s exactly the kind of filmmaker you want for projects involving people who may be experiencing vulnerability or crisis – he knows how to bring out their strength, dignity, humour and character.”  Zayne D’Crus, Communications Manager, Melbourne Genomics.

Meet six Aussie families who live with ultra-rare diseases. This micro-series follows their search for answers, options and community.

Beth’s fears for Josh are dismissed. Scott’s teenage years are full of hospital visits. Selima’s first moment with her baby is shattered by unsettling news.

Beth has a good day. Selima makes a shock discovery. The world slows down for Deanna and Andrew.

They tell you not to – but everyone does. Deanna and Kathy turn to Google as they struggle to make sense of ultra-rare, complex conditions.

Beth gets an odd request on Facebook. Kathy learns to cook for someone who can’t digest protein. Robbin wants Amelia to face her future without fear.

What changed after a diagnosis? Deanna reflects on acceptance while new doors open for Josh. Scott takes back some control, and Selima turns playtime into therapy.

The series ends but the journey continues. Scott encourages people to seek support while Kasum explains what makes him proud. Selima and Deanna help their kids to chart their own path. And Robbin and Georgia have a little romantic moment.

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