Graduations videos

Engaging stories that illustrate the journey of university life and success.  Perfect testimonials for course promotion.

Afghan-born Mariam Latifi is a teacher, educator and writer who wants to make a difference in her community.  “Knowledge is power. The more equipped I am, the more knowledge I have. I can empower and spread that knowledge to others”.

Xiaoxue Li studied Master of TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages). “It’s a pity I have to say goodbye but on the other hand I am feeling proud and excited that after two years hardworking I get to graduate.

Studying Education at Monash University was a transformative experience for Japleen, affirming her love for teaching and language. Japleen describes her journey with Monash Education as a “complete experience”.

“You can educate and change the world and the lives of kids step by step in each and every day,” says Dayanee Kunaseelan, who recently graduated from her double degree in Education and Business at Monash.

Winnie Hu graduated Monash University with the Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Education and the Bachelor of Science. “I’m going to be a Math teacher at a regional school, which is the school that I did my placement”.

Jacky-Lou Maestre says that “Studying at Monash University has transformed me into a confident and capable person, and I’m grateful for the support from my supervisors, friends, and the community”.

Graduation photos

Regularly capturing wonderful moment of people on graduation day for Monash Education.

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