Produced for Monash University these videos and photos play an integral role in building brand and communicating the effectiveness of studying at Monash.

After graduating, Monash alumni Jaylyn had an opportunity to work and live in regional Victoria, which has given her an incredible opportunity to immerse herself in the local community. 

Nat Nheu became a teaching becase she loves children.  She says that “I can bring my own passions and my own hobbies and interests into the classroom”.

Miguel became a teacher because he wanted to empower his students to become leaders in the world and to make a positive difference in their communities.

Sarah Weiss is a first-year graduate teacher, and passionate about supporting the children in her class to feel safe, and to learn.  It’s passion that started nearly 20 years ago in an orphanage in Mongolia.

Ana is the first Asian born, female, qualified AFL coach in Asia.  “I want to inspire more girls to get more opportunities like me by empowering them.”   

Vanessa Khvorostin always knew she wanted to be a teacher, but didn’t want to be like the rest of her family, so she tried her hand at other jobs.  Then she had her own children, they had additional needs and she realised teaching was her calling.

Chloe is an Alumni of the Faculty of Education at Monash University and was awarded the 2023 Peter McRae Meyer Primary Teaching Prize, for her academic excellence and demonstration of passion and love for teaching.

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